Reunion with my gynie😀

It’s December❄️ Christmas is just around corner and New year is coming soon , too. Before New year, I have things to do.

1. Prepare New year greeting card ✅

2. Book bullet train seats to go back to my home ❎

3. Take cevix cancer and breast cancer screening ✅

4. Cleaning my house ❎


I still have a lots of things to do but been busy 🆖 Today, I’m writing about No.3. It was time I’ve waited for a long time. 

Why? Because I visited my gynecologist who was taking care of our fetelity treatment and finally could tell him that we had a beautiful baby boy. He was also very happy and  started to talk about our 2nd baby. He was concerned about my husband’s sperm condition. When I got pregnant, his sperm condition was not so good even though he took a surgery for it. Therefore, for my gynecologist, it was un-heard of pregnancy. We had tried more than 5 times AIH and all failed but I got pregnant naturally. My baby has been a real gift. To get pregnant , my gynecologist and I talked a lot and I’m sure he’s one of memorable person in my life. 


Strong mother. 

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Mao Kobayashi: Japanese cancer blogger dies at 34 –

I’m not sure if she’s famous in your country. She was a newsreader, a mother of a 4 year old son and a 5 year old daughter and a wife of a kabuki actor. She was a beautiful,  strong, wise woman.  Today I looked at my son and held him tight. I can’t stop crying,  thinking about her. It’s hard for her leave her little kids for sure. Daily life is busy and we are prone to take it for granted that things keep happening everyday to us. I heard her family did everything they could do even though the situation was touch and go. That is the way it should always be. It’s rare in Japan for people dignosed with a serious health issue to openly talk about the condition. She started blogging and told us everything. I believe that  many people are motivated to become stronger thanks to her. 

My Mother passed away when I was 27. Losing your mother is very hard no matter how old you are. Her kids and her husband are going to have a difficult time without her. I want to send condolences  to the famil. And Mao-San-rest in peace. 


Daily prompt to Eclipse

Since my maternity leave has started, I’m into Korean drama. I didn’t expect that South Korean drama got my heart. Now I’m watching known as “King’s Doctor” or “Horse Doctor”.

1. What’s the story?

The life of a low class veterinarian specializing of the horses, Kwang-Hyun , who rises to become the royal physician in charge of the king’s health. He’s  a warm-heated man and provides empathetic care to patients(human). He thought that his family was from a low class but actually not. His father was a famous Doctor working at court and had a high class  family tree. His father was involved in a conspiracy by his peer and killed.In the middle of the story, Kwang-Hyun knew everything and seeks revenge. 

2. Life is ….

My life is so simple 😉 I know this is TV drama but that’s why it’s  fun to watch this.  Good thing is that his life never eclipsed by seeking revenge. He’s always cheerful and considerate. Seeking revenge comes with a price. However, he takes care of people around him. Especially, their hearts. That’s so important as human but it’s never easy when you  do revenge. You have to change when you try to do something bad. Korean men are sometimes so emotional and they cry a lots. That’s a big deference with Japanese men.  The drama comes to the end . What happens at the ending? 


I have many wonderful friends and there’s an exceptional one. She’s chased her dream to became a manga artist. As you might know, manga is Japanese culture and becoming a manga artist isn’t easy and to make a debut, it would take them  many years to make ends meet. I think that she did everything to become a manga artist. 

1. She quit her job.

2.She takes distance from her friends to spend time to write manga.She didn’t tell them the reason.  

3.  Try many contests and visit publishers as much as she can. 
She’s mid-30 and she’s fought with her worries such  “What if I can’t make a debut” and “ruin my life”.  Of course there’re worries when we’re challenging something new. She thought she  might have been on the shelf. But it doesn’t mean she’s been single in her life. She’s passionate about her dream and she can’t deny herself.  That’s great way to live own life. She makes clear what she wants to do and it’s  never vague. She’s never in the face of the world and just go straight to her dream. I always tell her not to give up her dream. Age isn’t matter and reputation from people shouldn’t  be cared. There’s always path people have to walk. Life is thorny path and her life is just different with me and try worth it. 

Please see her work. It’s so pleasure to receive comments. 


Now, I am taking a class about happiness at cousera . Even though it’s a little difficult for me, it works for me. I usually study at Starbucks after work. Today’s topic is chasing superiority. According the class, people is likely to compare with other people and it leads you envy which is a happiness killer. When we compare with other people, we use materialistic  dimension and it lowers happiness levels. Why we use materialistic dimension is because we want to approve who we are and what point we are standing. 
When we chase superiority , we become more self-centered and we end up care less for others.Because of this ,others naturally care less for us.

That’s naturally what I do usually and it’s difficult not to chase superiority. Envy is one of emotions. I didn’t know it brings unhappiness and it makes us separating from other people. 

I think I can’t stop chasing superiority by instinct and but I might can try to get rid of it a little to stay calm. 

How do you think of above ? Do you think superiority helps lowering happiness level? 

The last business day of the year. 

Yesterday was the last business day of the year.  I just hoped that I wouldn’t have any problems at work before New year holiday and so far I haven’t got call from my colleagues.

At the last business day, I  had a little treat from my company. My company served me Sushi and fried chicken and etc.  That was more gorgeous than  I expected.

Today, I’m back in my hometown by bullet train. This is high speed train    and the speed is at least 320km/h. That’s pretty fast. I can arrive at my hometown in 3 hours. I already enjoy meeting and talking with  people ! I went to a post office where is my friend’s dad has been running. I bumped into his dad and finally I stayed at his house and talked with his moo, too . I’m glad they are doing well.  It will rock!!!



Not spring yet.

This morning I was very surprised because my tulip’s  already awaken !! Is it little early ? It’s winter here. Probably my tulip misunderstood the timing due to warm winter. From tomorrow, it’s gonna be freezing cold. I hope my tulip won’t sink 😉


My back in my hometown trip is in the pipeline. I ordered crabs for my family. Not every Japanese eats crabs in the New year holiday, though. And I was in the trouble because bullet train seats are full booked and couldn’t book for 2 people for my husband and myself. But finally I could booked! I checked the website as much as I could during breakfast, lunch time and before going bed. I hate non-reserved seat because it’s hell even though less expensive than reserved seat. Well, my crabs and my seats are ready. I’m so excited to see my family and friends.

Today, I just read news about historical election including women in Saudi Arab  for the first time. It must have a great day for women who could vote for the first time and at least 17 women won in the election, too. I’m so touched ! To vote, people need their indetification documents but not many women have it . It’s not easy for women participate election and have identification documents because of cultural separation of wome and men. This must be creating momentum for women in Saudi Arabia.