Shopping habit

For preparation of back to work, I started to learn business English with a radio program and the text. The contents are made based on American Society issues.

The theme of the first week in February was “Retail crisis”.

I learned there’re a lot of “zombie malls” in the USA and there’s even a website to introduce zombie malls. I was surprised that the number of malls increased more than twice as fast as the population between 1970 and 2015. Another surprising face is that the USA has 40 percent more shopping space than Canada on a per capita basis and five times more than Britain. Experts says a quarter of the country’s 1,200 malls could closed by 2020. This is all because of the cheaper Internet access and the smart phone evolution and people have become used to the instant gratification of having products delivered quickly. Not only malls but also brick-and-mortar stores are suffered from tech savvy customers. Internet is sounding death knell for them.

However, not all consumers shop for everything and anything online. We’re now seeing some of e-tailers moving back to the brick-and-mortar world. For example, old-fashioned bookstores. The idea is to appeal to people who like to touch and feel and even smell books before they buy them. I’m a big fan of book stores and find them far more user-friendly than browsing and searching for books online. Maybe I might be in the minority. But for me, if book design was something different I expected, it’d change my mind.

We’ve got to move with the times. Brick-and-mortar stores will find it hard to make go of it if they only sell merchandise and don’t provide added value.

Regarding added value, more retailers are now offering special services. Home improvement stores offer classes for would-be DIYers. Starbucks offers Coffee classes here. For the retailers hope to lure shoppers away from their screens with eye-catching displays and outstanding personal service. That’s very well and important strategy. But the sad truth is store clerks often spend a lot of time giving information to customers who then leave the store and buy products online. That’s known in the trade as “showrooming”. I can see retailers are struggling to get by and It’s too gulty to do showrooming for me.

Another reason for the declining fortune of traditional retailers. the Grate recession had a big effect on consumer spending habits. It made people put a greater value on experiences, as opposed to material possessions. Americans seem to want get the most out of life while they can, instead of shrimping and saving. This reminded me of my friends who worked for s travel agency. She offered customers travel plans and information, but they didn’t use them because they could book online cheaper travels than she offered. It was so deplorable. Add value was nothing.

Through this topic, I checked my shopping history . I use online supermarket. This is good but make sure to check quantity and if it’s right product you want. I still need Brick-and-mortar stores. Since I have a little baby, I sometimes feel isolated from society. Communication with adults are very important connecting people. And personally I want to spend more on experiences. There’re enough rental stores. I’ve used online rental dress store for my friend’s wedding. I don’t need to own my funcy dress. It’s good time now that we can get things done online mostly. However, I don’t forget the upside to the retail stores.



I’ve used SNS of maternity life , which has some communities to share ideas and exchange information for a baby, labor and etc. It’s very convenient and people there  encourage me. I really appreciate this SNS! Most of people have same troubles, but minority group has very serious problems such domestic violence, husband’s extracurricular activities and so on. I have no idea why they can let thier husbands do that. They must be shallow and callous and no care to their wives. If those women haves little peace in thier mind, I’m always willing to listen to them but it’s not fundamental solution.

Doing SNS is a apart of daily life and communication is through text app for young people. This is present society and in Japan ,many young people have a problem about having a boyfriend and a girlfriend because they feel so scared to turn down directly. I understand it, though. How they communicate with people is all text and they don’t have to talk to people directly in thier world compared to my world. If they live without text, they can more feel delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure form other and learn work out differences. Improving immunity of dating is needed to them. 

Let’s think about myself and my husband.  We met at futsal circle and for 6 months we didn’t know our private contact information and the futsal circle was held once a month. So, we only talked once a month but I could see his leadership and humanity objectively and later we exchanged text. At that time, we both had cell phone and not smart phone. There wasn’t app so we didn’t have to care about read icon. I think we had good comunication and didn’t rely on text. When he asked me go out officially, I asked him back  “I talk up and I’m obstinate. Are you ready with it?” And he said “I knew it. ” but in his mind,”Is she really ok?” . I can’t believe how I’m cocky and arrogant and he’s so brave to become my husband. 

SNS is very good and they can both help and destroy people. People have to adjust society and can’t leave SNS world. It’s all about social connection now. Just people shouldn’t worship SNS and ruin thier credibility over that. 

Are you hooked by smartphone ?

I’ve read  “Why I ditched my smartphone – BBC News” today.This is an article about US comedian Ari Shaffir. 

He abandoned his date plan so that he could only access the Internet via Wifi. Using smartphone has become part of the fabric of today’s society and even though we don’t want to have it , we have to do for work or friends or family , etc. 

Now, I’m on maternity leave and I have a lot of free time, however, except my family , no one contacts me(I have friends but they have work). I know that my friends are busy, but I still check SNS regularly and how they are doing. Especially Istagram! I keep comments to my friends. I think I’m hooked by smartphone. For me, learning English by smartphone is important and that’s ok to use it. I need to stop just checking SNS meaninglessly. I also feel that my creatibility is dull now. Smartphone brings  a feeling of safety that I can check anything if I have smartphone. 

I don’t think  that I can abandon my data plane but I can “JUST USE LESS”.   Like Ari Shaffir, sleeping better, talking to more people and taking  more interest in his surroundings are best come comes. I will give a shot what’s happening after 3 months.   

Use your imagination 

Do you remember  the post about shopwindows around Christmas  at a department store ?
Those windows are seasonable and you can feel ongoing or incoming events. 

What’s happening in the shopwindows now?  Valentine’s Day is coming next. That’s the day that women send chocolates to their loved ones in Japan and On White Day, Mar 14,  men send somethings back their loved ones. So it’s different with actual Valentine’s Day. I keep telling my husband what’s the day for! Today, I took him to Kate Spade and introduce my favorite bag to him. Is it sent to me on Valentin’s Day? 

Please take a look following shopwindows.  Those shopwindows  show us how cacao becomes chocolate. 

1.Get cacao  2.  Shop cacao out to factory

 3. Cacao arrives  at factory

4. Make chocolate 

  5. Making chocolate 

 6.Wrapping and waiting for the buyers.   

 7. For who? and who is your loved one?

I’m not sure this explanation is right. But it’s fun to think about it! Let’s get a kick out of using imagination !

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I have one thing I can’t forget. When I was 14, I sent a chocolate to my favorite boy in the class and we were just friends. On White Day, my friend came to my house and got me a present from him!! OMG, it was G-chock! I didn’t use a watch and it was expensive. My friend said “His family is rich and it’s usual for him.” No way! My chocolate was USD5.00!! How come it became G-shock in return? I hid it because my parents would have asked me something. That’s a little bitter memory about Valentine’s Day for me. 

Healing my heart❤️

Today, I went to see an exhibition of Christian Lassen ! 

I didn’t know about him very much but I still remebered his Dolphin’s art I saw in my childhood.  Why I like his works is it’s simple ! Maybe if I saw Picasso’s arts, I’d have many questions to the works and they’d confused me. 

 Lassen, his works are all about ocean. I like his arts using blue but today, I saw works using different colors such orange. He calls it not Orange but Gold. The vividness was very beautiful and light effect changed the color in many way. I can’t buy it for a song but honestly I wanted it. I never expect how I was moved at art but actually, my mother loved arts. I might have received a gene for such her interest. 

These arts I took pictures from ad.  Aren’t they warm and beautiful? 


New idea about romance. 

Yesterday I had BBQ with my colleagues. It was sunny and good day for BBQ.

There were 3 new recruits with us and we talked about how to meet a girl and a boy in private. One of female in new recruits, A, she had a Taiwanese boyfriend but recently they broke up but they still go shopping and have a coffee together. Our boss asked her”how she draw a line between a boyfriend and a friend. “. Other  2 new recruits, female B and male C, they also had the same experience. Their opinion was very unique.

They can’t cut off their loved ones suddenly and it’s possible to continue the relationship as a friend because the loved ones understand themselves very much. So the answer to our boss’s question was “They draw a line even though they meet your previous flames. “

Of course it depends on people and this might not be a generation gap. They also explained about how their college life was like.
In the same circle, there were few ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends. So  a girl was someone’s girlfriend but few weeks later, she became other’s girlfriend and it happened in the circle.

One of A’s previous flames became her best friend’s boyfriend now ! She still get together with them. Is it still awkward?

I didn’t continue relationship with my ex boyfriends as a friend.  Once we broke up, it was all over and I didn’t contact them anymore. That’s how I draw a line.

Anyway they are all ok about it and I got new idea from them 🙂 It’s a learning curve for me✨