The outside of court.

This is the scene while I am not playing futsal. Love to see teammates’ smiles and listen to their playful voice 😍




I am just in the middle of dental makeover.
Finally 4 teeth removal was done and at next appointment , I’ll have bridge on! I believe my teeth looks good and I will smile without covering my mouth by my hand. Yey 🙂

This Monday, I went to a concert of bump of chicken who is a Japanese band.
This is the second time going to a concert and I even didn’t know their songs therefore I listened to their new album over and over. I ended up to remember lyrics of their songs 🙂
Anyway, their concert was awesome. The vocal’s voice is amazing.
He creates all of their songs and the meanings of lyrics are very deep.
Some songs is too deep to find message of the songs.
To enterprise listeners, they had virtual reality such a dance dance revolution. We saw it and crapped, singed and stepped.
My husband and I enjoyed it pretty much!

It took me so long time to finish this writing coz I am watching the World Cup Brazil vs Chile. It’s half time and score is 1-1.
How this will end ? Can’t sleep until this game is over .
It’s 2:00am now.