Virtual reality

Last week, I learned English with a topic of virtual reality. Virtual reality(VR) is  appearantly changing travel marketing. Travel agencies can take someone to the destination of thier choice and show them the best aspects  of that experience. The potential to use VR as a promotional or advertising tool for specific location is unlimited. 

On the upside, VR would be a real boon to people who can’t travel, such as seniors,busy people or those who are simply without the financial wherewithal to take time off and go to their dream destination. There’s one thing VR can’t do at this time in history. That’s to provide the same experience for more than one person at a time. That’s a drawback. No matter how real the VR experience seems to the individual. 

Can you say that you traveled with someone without sharing the experience with them? For me, traveling with using VR is like playing games or watching movies. You can’t touch and smell. It’s still a long way from perfectly simulating all five senses. The tourism industry is about selling experiences and VR is a great marketing tool in that regard. It enables people to get a taste of travel destinations from the comfort of thier homes. I’d like it. 

For English learner, my experience living in oversea is precious and what I felt with all five senses was a real. The experiece had changed whole my life and of course my English became better. Maybe traveling is the same with it. Even it’s a short trip, sometimes the experience might impact you. Technology is super, but we can still overtake them. 


Trip to Kobe (Part 2)

After breakfast, we went to Kitano where many foreigners used to live in. 40 historical houses still remains and they are designated as protected building. 

Starbucks is very cute.

This house was renovated to the hotel. This is one of famous hotels.

This is Ben’s house. Ben was british who loved hunting.

One a defect in this area is sloping road. It was hard for a maternity and it’s so inconvenient to live there even thought beautiful area. 
It still many foreigners live there. There are Muslim mosque, Church and synagogue. I went to there on Sunday so many people visited church. I heard several foreign languages and it’s multiple cultures. 

After experiencing multiple cultures place, we went to Ikuta shrine.My friend just broke up with her boyfriend. So, she had to come visit God of marriage. She also brought her book of red seal. Each shrine and temple has seal stamp which is collected in a book of read seal. It’s good way to keep memory of visited shrines and temples. 

The gate of shrine! Pokemon Go players came together. Isn’t it sacriligious ?

Only 2 days trip but it was carefree and memorable trip with my friend. I could find many good things ! This called maternity trip and now I’m ready to be a mom. 

Short trip to Kobe. (Part 1)

Last weekend I tripped to Kobe with my friend. I’m 7 month pregnancy and can’t walk around a lots. So, we choose a close beautiful city Kobe. 

Once we arrived at Motomuchi, Kobe, we headed to Parfait retrautant. 

This was one of our purposes of visit Kobe. Parfait with seasonable fruits was just amazing and way tasty. Not too many ice cream and whipped cream so it was healthy and not heavy. 

What we done on first day was only having parfait because we had sleep early for the next morning. We had simple risotto for dinner but just a little.

Next morning, we wake up early for breakfast. The hotel we stayed at serves No.1 breakfast for 4 years in raw  in Japan according to Trip advisor. Please check the hotel website. 

Piena Hotel KOBE

Entrance at Hotel

Gratin,Quiche,Pickles,Egg and etc. Gratin was so tasty ans not so oily😊

Japanese food area!

Breads🍞They imported ingredients from France. Croissant was the beat 🎉👯🎉

Soups. It was rich taste. Couldn’t believe soups for breakfast‼️

Veggies and fruits. I love watermelon💓

Lots of pastries 💖

All jams.

Our main purpose was this breakfast. I really enjoyed the quality and volume. The hotel’s room was average but their hospitality was 5 stars. I highly recommend you to try breakfast and the hotel. 

Trip to Shirahama,Wakayama Day 2. 

It’s about Day 2. We went to a famous Wakayama ramen restaurant “井出商店(Ide shouten)” for our lunch. When we got there, there was already a long line and we had to wait for our turn for 1 hour.  

 Finally we got the noodle. The soup was pork + soy sauce base and not so heavy. I’d rather a thin noodle though. We waited for long time but ate it up in 15 mins LoL

After the ramen, we visited gelato store where I watched on TV. What special for the gelato….is there are only vegitable gelato. We got Japanese papper chocolate & Pumkin. I love Japanese papper chocolate!! Papper works very much but the sweetness in the chocolate and the spicy papper are good combination.

Store info: Kimonoka(No English info) 

This place isn’t far from 高野山(Mt.Koya) if you can drive a car. 


My trip to Wakayama is all over. Now I am writing this post on my way to work in the morning. 5 days off makes me feel blue. 

Thank you for reading 😄💝

Trip to Shirahama,Wakayama Day 1

It’s 5 days vacation from Sep 18 to Sep 23 in Japan and it’s called “Silver week”. My husband and I decided to visit Shirahama in Wakayama pref. 

Where we went were …Advrnture world, Tole-tole sea market , Shirahama Beach, Engetsu-Island and local Japanese bar for dinner for Day 1. I’d like to focus on Adventure world in this post. 

Adventure world is a place like Zoo , Aquareum and amusement park and the best part of here is watching Panda. There are 7 pandas and it’s rare and they have breeding panda facilities and  had succeeded to breed them very much. There’re 3 zoos in Japan. But Adventure world has overwhelmingly number of pandas. 

Twins pandas. They were sleeping. It was as same as stuffed panda.

Adult panda were unexpectedly violent.

It’s not only panda. There’s also safari area. You can see predator area by free bus tour and you can see other area by walk. I was so excited to see them. They were wild,  cool and beautiful. 


African Elephant. What a big body.


Brown bear has beautiful brown fur. I sent this photo to my 3 year old nephew and he said”I want to play with the bear” I bet he would run away from this big bear.




Giraffe. The face is bumpy.


Panther. Walk tall along our bus.


We also watched Dolphins show and their jump was amazing. You can enjoy a whole day at Adventure world. It’s interesting to see animals and there’re strong bonda between stuff and animals. 

2.Tole-tole sea market. 

Literally, this is a sea market. Shirahama has a lot of fresh fish and fresh local vegitables. 

Cutting up a whole tuna

3. Engetsu island

Photo credit : 南紀白浜観光ガイド. This small island is symbol in Shirahama.


Photo credit : 南紀白浜観光ガイド


4. Dinner at local Japanese bar. 

I totally forgot take a picture at dinner. The restraunt served us Japanese food with local foodstuff. Please refer the following site in English. 

Shunsaidaidokorotomo (旬菜台所 とも) 

To be continue….

Okinawa trip Day 3

Today we wen to a beach today🏄🐳We headed Ikei island in Uruma, Okinawa. 

Ikei beach in Ikei island

Someone enjoys frying board

My hasband is meditateting on the white board

Crystal water

Chinen cape with my husband

We visited other world heritage “Sefa-Utaki(斎場御嶽)“. It’s the best holy place in Ryukyu kingdom. 



Road to place for pray






A big hole which made by bomb in okinawa war. It still remines.





Triangle shaped opening


Can you see the Island ?? It’s called “Kudaka island” where is a holy place continue to Niraikanai.


Niraikanainis has been  thought as an alian world and God descended to kudaka island and made Ryukyu Islands. So every graves in Okinawa faces to ocean because people believe Niraikanai is far off in the ocean. It’s so spiritual and there are a lot of things that I can believe there’s God in Okinawa. 


Dinner tonight

 Meat is one of the famous things in Okinawa. I went for a Hamburg stake made by local beef. It’s great and foreigners also love it too 🍖.

This is the 3rd day of my trip Okinawa. 

Okinawa trip Day 2

From today till last day for 2 days, we rent a car so we can go wherever we want to go.

Today’s purpose is going to “Churaumi aquerium“.  “Chura” means beautiful in Okinawa dialect and “umi” means ocean in Japanese so, it’s beautiful ocean. Okinawa had the clear blue ocean and lot’s of nature. It’s everlasting summer so they  can grow pineapple in thier garden themselves. 


ocean view from the car on the way to churaumi aquerium


Palm trees


Souki soba

This is Okinawa soba. It looked like Udon but the test like half udon and half soba. I remember that my roommate in Canada was a girl from Okinawa and she told me that she was very surprised at soba in mainland of Japan.  Yes, I was astonished as well. 

So, we arrived at Churaumi aquerium. It was very hard to find a parking lot due to congestion.  What I looked farward to is whale shark and manta ray. Manta rays was like smiling. I was overwhelmed with the view. There’re a lot of  other fishes and living things are displayed. Please check them with your eyes 👀. 


After leaving the aquerium, we headed to a guest house we stayed overnight. There was no TV to relax. The owner took us to a beach and introduced about traditions in Okinawa. A grave is pretty big and it looked like house. In the past , they put dead people into the big grave and not to be cremated so they needed a big grave. And they don’t have to assign temple because they don’t have religion. Mine has assigned temple and ask my monk to read chanting a Buddhism sutra every Memorial day. What a difference culture.  

Dinner tonight

 Rafute is the simmered pork with sauce Taco-rice is rice and ingredients for tacos such cheese,ground meat,tomato and other veggies topped on rice. This is made by Japanese for foreigners who lived in Okinawa. 

So far so good this trip. Everything went smoothly and we tried things we planned. To be continue…….💓