Day 4 in daycare

He made a big progress today ❤He could eat a snack, which means he didn’t cry crazy. I was so happy about it! Now he’s going to love daycare.


Day 3 in daycare

It was chilling this morning. Yesterday he didn’t nap and slept early at night. He slept very well and one happy kid❤But he didn’t eat breakfast enough.

Once we arrived at daycare, he started crying, but today something was different. His teacher told me he could sit and drink tea. That’s a good sign😀 He will enjoy tomorrow more. 😘

After daycare, we attended baby swimming class. Surprisingly he didn’t cry a lot. I’m so proud of him 🤗

It’s been challenging for us. I really appreciate that he’s going out of his way !!


I was often told by people “You’re positive, outgoing and ambitious ” and it was before my mom passed away. I’d been intimacy issue since she’s gone and a little depressed. I was like I lost power my mom gave me. But my son changed my life totally. He motivates me and I’m getting back to old me now. Hopefully people think me magnetic again 😄😄


My son had 2 playdates this week.

One was on Monday with my friend and her 1 year old daughter. My friend and I went to junior high school and high school. We weren’t so close when we were in school. But becoming mom changed everything for the better. Anyway, we went to Izakaya for lunch. Izakaya is like a bar at night, so they usually don’t open in the lunch time. But recent Izakaya is different. They open for mommy and kids and prepare suckling room, diaper change room and play room. That’s awesome! We had lunch and later our babies played together. It was very convenient place. 

And another playdate today with 3 babies and their mommies. We met a local event for 5,6 month old babies. So we met for the 2nd time. I was a little nervous though. But no worries 😀 We had lunch in the private tatami room at organic restaurant and talked a lots and kids hit it off. I was so glad to have an chance to make mommy’s friends and it was great for my son as well. 

I was busy this week! The more I go outside, the more I develop confidence to go out with my son. Eventing is new and challenge. But I can’t understand things unless I experience. This week I used baby room at the department. Omg there was an concierge! The concierge asked what I want and guided me. There were hot water and cold water prepared. I haven’t seen this gorgeous baby room! It’s so mother-friendly facility 👍 

Chubby and proud

Before reading my post, please read the below article👯

She’s my favorite comidian and literally she’s huge in Japan. But she’s always pretty and fashionable and has a nice sense of humor. Her comedian style is not only diverting  but also making weak point positive. I want you to check her Instagram and you probably understand what I mean. 

About me, I have a few things I want to change in my appearance. 

  • I want a bigger month than now. 
  • I want to be a taller at least 63 inches. 
  • I have a mole in my face and sometimes I want to remove it. 

The above can’t change easily. I believe that my face and my appearance by nature are the best of me created by God or Bhudda and think my fate and my luck would change in a wrong way. With hindsight, I love myself. I am not the person everyone asks for, but there are many ways to make me bright and shiny. 

Accepting yourself is difficult and the more I got older, the more it’s hard. I’m distracted by many things and other people and can’t stick to my belief. She’s popular comedian, so she has power to change society like producing clothes for chubby females. 

Mess 😥

I’m an owner of my parent’s house and now it’s been rented by my friend’s mother and this is a problem now. 

My home town is a small town, so many people are like neighbors and rent a house to someone without deposit and rules. Mostly we make a verbal promise. I’m also the one. My conditions for rent are…

  • Open windows 
  • Use facility 

 Especially I’ve known the mother for many years. She deposits monthly rent money into my account. So looks like she’s decent.  She’s rented the house as her office and she promised she visited there as much as she could and use facilities and open windows and that’s a lie now. 

My neighbors told my aunty that she doesn’t open windows at all. I asked her and she said “Neighbors here are like monitoring me. So it makes me hesitate going there” What an excuse! So I decided to make a formal contract and take an advice from a real estate agent. Of course,  I noticed her about the contract beforehand. 

They advised me following. 

  • Security deposit 
  • Currying Fire insurance 
  • Coming up with a guarantor 

It’s basic rules. I told her about new conditions including above and reminded her that the real estate agent just makes a contract document and not to be mediate between us. 

What’s next?  Even I explained like that, she dashed for the real estate agent and negotiate requested new conditions. It passed me off. That’s crossing a line. I talked with my real estate agent and I’m the landlord and how dare she did. She’s no right to do that. She’s going to contact me sooner or later. I’m going to crazy! 


Write a new post in response to Voyage.

I’ve had some points to voyage in my life so far.

1. When I left my hometown.

I remembered I was very exited to start living in a big city and started living alone was a good experience. I was a girl-next-door type and suddenly life has changed and it was so sparkle.  Trains run in my hometown by 8pm. School rules were stricted. When I was in high school,  we were bunned to go to Karaoke with friends and I did lines due to relaxed hair, etc. I still don’t get school rules. That’s why my new life was amazing.

2. When I decided to live in Canada.

After college, I worked for 2 years in logistics field, but I couldn’t give up living overseas. So, I took working holiday visa and moved to Toronto, Canada. The visa was valied for only 1 year,  so I really needed to map out plans over there. Firstly, I went to language school to learn English and I also took a barista course and learned  how to make coffee, Latte and so on. After 3 months school,  I started to work at a coffee shop. I dropped in for an unannounced visit to many places to hand out my résumé. Eventually, I wasn’t scared to communicate with people in English and made friends and good coworkers. It was perfect an year.

3. When I got married to my husband.

We’ve got married 3 years ago. He’s been a wonderful husband. During 3 years, we’ve gone through fertility treatment and family issue. It never be easy to deal with them.  We are great but people in our family had problems and it wiped us out. As result, we won out and will be parents coming October. It’s still long way to go but We are looking forward to seeing a baby  and new life with a kid.

Life is unexpected all the time. That’s why it’s fun and to enrich your life  and move you one step further on.