Workplace flexibility

1 month to go for back to work. Daycare orientation was over and I feel l I’m ready to back to work.

Since I faced issues about daycares, I’ve been thinking of workplace flexibility, too. Unfortunately my company doesn’t encourage workforce to telecommute. But paid parental package is remarkable! I can work my favorite work hours until my son becomes 13 without overtime with bonus. My company gives me 20 days paid holidays each year and usually if I don’t use them up within one year , they are all gone, but for working mothers , they are stored for our kids. If my son is sick and I have to take days off, I will use my paid holidays from there first. I’ll use a reduced schedule for while from 9am to 5pm on the dot and I can be back to full-time worker anytime.

Even though my company treats working mothers well, I still wish I could work as a remote worker. I can save a lot of time and take a balance between work and my son. My concern about back to work is that how much I can spend time with my son. I might have to fight the perception at work among some of managers and colleagues that you’re just goofing off all day. Also, I miss out on the personal contracts that are crucial in term of moving up the corporate ladder. However, I can manage time and that’d be a perk of my job. The most important thing is the quality of a person’s output, not how many hours I work, or where I work.

Japanese government urge companies to raise the proportion of a female managerial position. I assume that for the policy achieved, each company make work environment that employees can take a balanced approach to work and personal need s. Being flexible means not only flexible working hours, but also being willing to change your work routine in line with changing circumstances and expectations. Otherwise, many female managers can’t keep their job and company’s effort would be gone. It’s time to adapt the diversity of lifestyles.


A battle of waiting. 

It was a rough day yesterday. I had to entertain my client with dinner after work. Monday is busy day so my colleague and I asked our boss to let us  join after 8:30pm. So our boss and our sales persons started dinner from 6:30pm with the clients and after 8:30pm, we started to have second party with them at other place. 

My colleague and I was waiting for them from 8:15pm and they didn’t show up. We were so hungry and wanted to drink something. But for my client’s sake , we couldn’t do that. Finally they showed up but all of them got drunk. That was ok but it was 9:00pm when they arrived. My sales persons should have thought about time. It was fun to meet new people but we got tired of waiting. Darn it !

This is just complaint. Thank you for listening 💓

The Corporate image

Last week, I attended a meeting with my company’s group businesses about  “Name recognition  of our company” and how we need to change company. 

Our company has a lot of businesses such logistics, train, bus, hotel, travel agency, truck and so on but we don’t have an opportunity to meet people in other businesses. I am in logistic section and an air export shipment coordinator.  

First of all, we had a group discussion about name recognition. My company is originally from Fukuoka prefecture. There are a lot of fans in Fukuoka who love my company but name recognition isn’t so good around Osaka and Tokyo area. Here is our interesting ideas to change name recognition.  

  • Buy a baseball team Or a  soccer  team and make them strong teams and use them as commercial.              => We used to have a pro baseball team. So old people know us as the baseball team. 
  • Use TV commercial as much as we can. => Now TV commercial is airing only in kyushuu area(Fukuoka is in Kyushu area). We need to change community-based approach.  
  • Renew our website to threll people when they see my company’s website.

In the conversation, we exchanged informations we didn’t know in the company.  One of colleagues in the travel section, she told us that thier Tokyo branch was in same building with FIFA so, they arranged Japanese women’ travel for World Cup 4 years ago.  That’s the apeal material !! I didnt know that, 

Have you heard of Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe? It’s famous horse race in France and my company arranged delivery of famous Japanese house “Deep impact” to Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe a few years ago. 

My company launch a company newsletter every month but there’s no such information so like this time , we exchanged  works, events in each section and we were told out of the blue in the conversation. We all realized that we need to exchange informations in our company changing value of name. 

Today, I saw one of good example how to apeal company. My company is a customer for airline companies because we use airline to send goods to overseas and choose which airline we use. They also offer good price for us. Recently my company was relocated to a new place and there is a practice to send flowers as celebration in Japan. One of airlines didn’t send us flowers but it’s not so important. However today  a sales perpon who is in charge of my company came visit us with hydrangeas. He said “I apologize for not sending you flowers , so today, I bring hydrangeas from my home and I am going to do flower arrangement myself. ” what a hilarious idea. The flower arrangement isn’t big and it’s pretty simple and what he did was deemed foolish and crazy idea but it’s so interesting strategy to entertain people, customers. His impression is now pretty strong and standing out in our memory is important ! We’ll figure out what strategies we use for name recognition and it must be crazy ideas. 

Memorable place

My office will be relocated this weekend 🏢. It’s has been almost 4 years to work here and today was last day. 

During 4 years, it wasn’t just work place. I got a call from my family that my mother passed away in my office, and I was celebrated by my colleagues in my office and I was so happy about their cosiderations. I experienced both a good and a bad thing there. Considering times I spent at my office, I spent a lot of times with my colleagues and went through many things there.  It was a very convenient place and I didn’t need a umbrella from subway to my office. It was way too closed😉 Next office sucks. It will be older building than now and we’ll have to walk for 10 mins from subway. The high point of the next office is we have to work with many colleagues. 

Now we are two departments work together but from next month, 9 departments will work together. We are put together so more people are there and no more our easygoing atmosphere. I haven’t visit the new office. Hope I’ll get there right next Monday. 

Holiday 😀

How many paid holidays do you get and how often do you use it? 

Mine is 20 days per year but about 10 days left every  year and  I can carry over them to next year so, total 30 days paid holidays. 

The other day, I saw news about paid holiday of Chinese company. 6400 employees went on trip to France. That must have been wonderful trip to them because all expenses paid by the CEO. France must be so happy about the economic effect too. Win-Win trip✈️.

Another relevant airticle about paid holiday. 
Fast fashion brand “H&M” offers the following benefit packages. 

While the hourly pay—about $12 for full-time employees— is more in line with that of its retail competitors, it’s the vacation policy that betray’s H&M’s roots as a European company. Full-time employees start with up to three weeks of paid vacation per year, with the opportunity to earn up to five weeks’ vacation, plus seven paid sick days and six paid holidays, and your birthday off.

According to this article, employees in USA are not garanteed paid vacation.

In my imagination, USA was much more generous taking vacations and it was paid vacation. Of course it depends on company and job status. Japanese companies offer paid vacation but a problem is that we tend not to take it. It might be national identity?? I don’t know but we changed during a decade. We try to adjust to world standard over work environment and now we know the worth of paid vacation.  

It definitely new employees in H&M are sparkle joy about the benefit packages. 

How wonderful it was :)

Yesterday I went out for dinner with my colleagues at Japanese bar. My two colleagues and I work together as same team. We are team FEMALE. One is sale person who is also an assistant director and another is an office clerk with me. It’s April and job transfer season and we’re gonna be broken up. It’s a shame. And we had “work-together-again dinner” 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from them and it was perfect teamwork✈️. 

Let me introduce what I had at the bar. 

Sashimi : Tuna,Sea urchin, Bonito,Alfonsino,Firefry squid,yellowtail.

I forgot the name of two of them. Firefry squid was the best for me. It was very fresh fishes with a lot of fat. 

Common oritnt clam with soup

This clam was actually very big. The soup was based on Japanese cooking sake. The green one is field mustard which is seasonable vegitable here. 

Korean pancake with kimch

Look at the thick pancake. I’ve never seen it like this even in Korea. Inside is veggies, pork and rice cake so it tastes elastic. 

We talked about our honest feeling at work. Our sales person asked us what we think about office and colleagues as the assistant director.Everyday we are busy and we don’t  often have  time to talk with other colleagues. Everyone has stresses and feel pressure and we don’t know how they are thinking about their situation and work environment. Organizing people is very difficult and there’re always conflict a bit between some people. Our assistant director seems worry about how she will takes care of matters. She also told us that it’s very hard to promote in this field which is logistics. We are in air export department. Company asks us to pick up cargo, book flight, make export custom clearance and load up cargo onto airplain. It depends on trading term but once arrive in destination, our oversea branchs take care of import clearance and delivery. Still, lots of bosses are men and as her observation, men has pride which is whatever level. Importance for them is how much big business is and content isn’t important for tham. It’s interesting to see the difference between women and men. 

Anyway, we had a great conversation and fabluous dinner 😄 I will bring my husband too. 

Love girls night :)

Yesterday was awesome.
My eight female coworkers and I went for a dinner and our company paid it 😛 Last October ‘s sales result was great so our company rewarded us with the dinner.
Surprisingly we didn’t talk about work at all and mostly about private things.
I was asked about a baby. Yes, that is a only goal of 2015 to be a mother.
I am seriously thinking about my life plane and my career is important but I am 29. Actually today’s my birthday !
So can’t miss the timing and my husband want a kid. So we both are very happy if the thing’s going on.
My co-workers celebrated my birthday as well 🙂


I was very happy to be part of them and whatever my life is not going , try to be positive and laugh with them !
Thank you !