My son loves to use my smartphone. I know it’s not good. But now he knows how to use functions he needs.

Talking selfie is his favorite. Look at his smile. He’s so satisfied with his picture 😍 But a little creepy πŸ˜‹ I don’t know when he took this. At the rate he’s going, he’s gonna be a devil soon 😈


When can I be back to work?

I submitted an application for my son’s daycare. If he was accepted, I had got a call from an city officer and I didn’t and I can’t be back to work from October.

He’s still 1 year old and I can take paid parenting leave another 6 months. I really want to find a daycare by April and want to fresh start in April.

Unread letter

The other night, I argued with my husband. My bad thing is when I’m mad at him, I sometimes talk with a sob, which is not on ourpose. So, I try to tell him my intention by letter.

The night I couldn’t sleep, so I started to write letter to him in the middle of night and put it in his bag. This was early Thursday morning.

On Thursday night he came home and we started conversation as usual. I didn’t ask him anything about the letter.

On Friday night his attitude was changed for the better and it looked he understood what I meant in the letter.

On Saturday, we spent as usual, too. He took our son to swimming class. We were good.

On Sunday night before off to bed, I asked him a question in the letter because I needed the answer. And he said,

“Letter? What letter? I didn’t read any letter from you.”

No way! His attitude was perfect in last 4 days as if he read my letter. The letter was still in his bag. He was relieved that he didn’t drop it in his company. Content was so personal.

After it happened, we talked calmly. I will tell him when ai write letter πŸ˜‹


I was often told by people “You’re positive, outgoing and ambitious ” and it was before my mom passed away. I’d been intimacy issue since she’s gone and a little depressed. I was like I lost power my mom gave me. But my son changed my life totally. He motivates me and I’m getting back to old me now. Hopefully people think me magnetic again πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


I heared and remembered the word “Shallow” from Grey’s anatomy. There’s a person Alex Karev in the drama. People think him as shallow because his attitude is too direct and misleading. But I like his character because he takes care of what he feels important and even though he is impolite to his patient, it’s not always wrong. He tries to let a patient and the family see the reality.

I want one person like him in my life and would take a cue from he/her to make a wise decision.

Hidden story

I believe that a story always has two sides. One is perspective from other and another is perspective from person concerned.

In my experiences, some people told me their opinion which was valid, but it wasn’t realistic. I eventially forced myself to do it and it fell apart. I learned that I had to stand in my belief and was free of others’ opinion. Those who judged a problem I had and gave me advice but they were shallow – hearted. I also learned that people advice you but when they were in the same trouble, they couldn’t do like they told us. Putting on other’s shoes is important!


I don’t use fragrance for myself, but I’m sensitive to smell. My first boyfriend used fragrance and I still remember what it smells like. When I pass someone using the same fragrance, it remins me of the ex. I learned fragrance is important to leave the impression πŸ˜€